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Joining Barnsley Card helps promote your business to our 1,000+ members across Barnsley, as well as increasing footfall and sales. We support Barnsley businesses.

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You agree to abide by the terms of your contract with Barnsley Card Ltd, trading as Barnsley Card.

Discounts: You agree to give a (“Minimum Discount”) of 10% on your products and services to valid Barnsley Card holders during Monday to Sunday.

Discretion: Discounts are at your discretion and can take any form so long as they conform to the Minimum Discount. For food businesses, this does not have to include wet sales. Barnsley Card discounts do not have to be offered in addition to existing offers, but should always apply when and where other offers aren't running.

Card Validation: You agree to validate Barnsley Cards using the app or online portal each time one is presented. If a Barnsley Card is declined, you must retain it and inform us as soon as possible. Barnsley Card will compensate you £3 for each declined card that you confiscate and return to us.

Contract Term: You agree to abide by the terms of this contract for a minimum of 18 months, displaying the Barnsley Card sticker prominently on the premises so customers know that they can use their Barnsley Card when purchasing from you.

Fixed Penalties: You agree to accept all the terms of this agreement and that a fixed penalty of £5 + VAT will be payable for each instance of a breach of such contract.

Email Notifications: You agree to be added to our email list for important updates and changes.

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