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How do I sign up as a business?

So you've decided to apply to the Barnsley Card scheme as a business. You can view more information by clicking here. If you decide you do want to sign up your business to Barnsley Card and offer discounts to our members, click here.

Can I cancel my Barnsley Card membership?

As per our terms and conditions, a Barnsley Card membership is a 12 month contract. However, if you are anticipating struggling to meet this commitment, you can contact us and we can arrange for a manual cancellation. Cancellations come with a £5.99 early exit fee and you must also return your Barnsley Card to us by post.

What happens if my bank card gets declined?

If you are a Barnsley Card member and your card is declined for a monthly renewal payment, don't worry. We will attempt to retake your card payment 12 hours later. If this also fails, we will attempt to take it again 12 hours after that. If, for whatever reason your card is declined a third time, we may suspend your membership, meaning your Barnsley Card will be declined when a retailer scans it - and you will not receive the discount or offer and they may retain your Barnsley Card. If this happens, contact us and we will help.

I can't find my Activation Code

Your Activation Code is your Barnsley Card barcode. You can find this in your welcome email when you signed up, or if you have a plastic Barnsley Card then the number is on the back of the card. Enter this, along with your email address (that you signed up with) to log in to the smartphone app.

Where can I use my Barnsley Card?

You can use your Barnsley Card at a wide range of outlets in Barnsley, and better yet, we regularly add new shops, restaurants, salons and outlets to our scheme. Visit our homepage for more details on where the savings can be found, search by category or have an explore around our map.

How do I change my billing details?

You can change your billing details by logging into your account. From here, click on 'My Subscription' then click on 'Change Payment' and enter your new billing information. This will update your details and your new information will be used for future payments.

How am I charged for my Barnsley Card?

When you purchase a Barnsley Card you can pay by debit or credit card. You will be charged monthly on the same day that you signed up.

How much does Barnsley Card cost?

Barnsley Card is £1.99 per month. Which is a good bargain considering most of our users report an average saving of £35 per month shopping, eating and going out in Barnsley.

How does Barnsley Card work?

Barnsley Card is a discount card. Anywhere you see the 'we accept Barnsley Card' sign, you can get discounts of between 10% and 70%, as well as a range of great offers, unlimited. For as long as you have a Barnsley Card you will get discounts, no loyalty points needed, just show them your card and the retailer will scan its barcode to verify - then you receive your discount or offer there and then!

I've lost my Barnsley Card!

If your Barnsley Card is accidentally lost or stolen, you can order a replacement card here. We will then cancel your old Barnsley Card and reinstate a new code. If you find your old card, please discard as you may be charged for use of the old card in future.

What is the barcode for on my Barnsley Card?

Barnsley Cards all have a unique barcode identifier on their reverse. This is for the retailer to check that your card is real and logged on the system. If your card is fake, or you haven't paid your monthly subscription fees, the retailer will be informed and will refuse to give you the discount, as well as possibly confiscating your Barnsley Card. If this happens, contact us and we will help you.

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