The Royston Canal Club

10th October 2018by Barnsley Council

The Royston Canal Club obtained the lease for the canal in August 2012. In this time they have regularly stocked the canal with fish over a period of years. Recently they have stocked the canal with bigger 6 – 8 inch fish in the winter, which, although more expensive, have a 95% survival rate, and the fish stocks are thriving again.

The Canal Club has reported Carp being caught at 20lbs which is brilliant for a canal, as well as 4lb Bream and Tench, crucians and Ide over 3lbs are also caught regularly. The anglers are delighted, and the £15 annual fee for the anglers makes it a very affordable hobby for members of the Royston community.

However, the Canal is much more than a fishing area and has taken part in the Yorkshire in Bloom awards. There is a thriving and diverse wildlife population including kingfishers, herons, swans, foxes, stoats, squirrels, water voles and grass snakes. The canal is a favourite walk for residents, and large shoals of fish can be seen in the summer. A lot of people walk, or cycle, daily along the canal and stop for `a natter` with the anglers, it has become a meeting place for a regular group of people.

Volunteers have all helped prepare for the Yorkshire in Bloom awards, and Love Where You Live activities to help build a strong and resilient community. The Canal Club also hosts fishing afternoons for young people during the summer holidays. The Canal is an ideal venue to help residents to become healthier, happier, independent and active.

A boat is used by the Canal Group members to access the far side of the canal to cut back the vegetation and to maintain the canal. The Canal Group’s old boat was no longer fit for purpose as it the holes in it that were not able to be repaired, which was proving quite a problem. However, the Canal Group applied for funding for a new boat and were delighted that they were successful. They have recently purchased a new boat to help them maintain this lovely area for all to enjoy.

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