Ladywood School 50th Anniversary Garden

9th October 2018by Barnsley Council

Letter from the Love Grimethorpe Community Group

Earlier this year Ladywood School in Grimethorpe approached Anne and myself to ask if we could help in any way with their 50th Anniversary celebrations, which would be marked by a Gala in mid-September. We had worked together on a previous school project and were interested to find out exactly what they wanted. We met with school staff at the earliest opportunity and were told that they had three raised flower beds surrounding the school which had sadly been neglected. They hoped that we would be able to do something to improve these beds and make them a feature of their outdoor space.

And so the challenge began.

Armed with paper and pens, we attempted to come up with a workable plan. We quickly decided what it was we wanted to achieve. We needed to give the school three raised beds that would be attractive, low maintenance, and with a variety of plants, creating a sensory garden. We also wanted to encourage the children to take an interest in the gardens and to become an ongoing project that the children could become involved in.

We also felt it necessary to include help from local companies and organisations to show the students that local people are interested in them and that great resources are available in their area. Some local firms donated materials towards our project, and the Men in Sheds group made us a lovely signpost which included the name Lady Wood and the School motto.

Our initial volunteering day promised to be a hot one. The weather had been warm and dry for weeks, and it was not the ideal for working in. Volunteers arrived, carrying tools that they might need and buckets of enthusiasm. We all stopped to watch the delivery of what was possibly more than eight tons of soil, and rather than show concern about having to move this mammoth load, we were all delighted that this huge amount was likely to solve so many problems. The Love Where You Live team arrived at ten o’clock as promised and quickly took on the shrub bed. They were the perfect accompaniment to our busy group. They were enthusiastic, helpful, cheerful and very busy. They worked so hard, and we really could not thank them enough.

Suffice to say that at the end of a long, sweltering, but a delightful day we had three raised beds. One with a water feature, one with perfectly tailored shrubs and one with some of the children’s handy work, all ready for planting out with shrubs and flowers once the weather is a little cooler, and in time for the Gala day in September.

“It had been a privilege to have spent the day with such a wonderful group of people who together achieved so much. The School motto is ‘if we can dream it we can do it’, we certainly did just that.”

Doreen Muirdin and Anne Hirst – Love Grimethorpe Community Group Members

Barnsley Council

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