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Our Address

Albion Rd, Carlton, Barnsley S71 3HW


53.5811433, -1.4514394


Naa then!

Ere we avv Barnsley Brew; we’ve searched T’ globe for the best tea from India, China and Kenya, to bring tha a reet grand cup o tea! We blend-it; bag-it and pack-it in our Multinational, Cooperate, mega-Distribution SHED in Grimethorpe. Our accessories are made by the nice lady next door on her high speed, multi-functional, digitally integrated sewing machine. We would like you to enjoy Barnsley Brew as nature intended (and that’s not in the Nip !!) a reet grand Assam with full, strong flavours and a Lapsang that just gives a hint of a Smoky Coal Hearth. How we mix it is a closely guarded family secret (a couple of pints down the dog and duck will soon loosen tongues though)!

Stall 9, Barnsley Markets, Barnsley S70 1WA

10% discount, exclusively to Barnsley Card holders.